Steffen Meyer


Working Paper


  • Measurement Error in Imputed Consumption (with S. Baker, L. Kueng and M. Pagel) (Link)
  • Fully Closed: Individual Responses to Realized Capital Gains and Losses (with M. Pagel) (Link)
  • The Consumption Response to Capital Gains: Evidence from Mutual Fund Liquidations (with M. Pagel and A. Previtero) (Link) 
  • Who Falls Prey to the Wolf of Wall Street? Investor Participation in Market Manipulation, (with C. Leuz, M. Muhn, E. Soltes and A. Hackethal) (Link)
  • Fresh Air Eases Work – The Effect of Air Quality on Individual Investor Activity, (with M. Pagel) (Link)
  • Google Search Volume and Individual Investor Trading, (with D. Kostopoulos) (Link)
  • Client Involvement in Expert Advice - Antibiotics in Finance?, (with A. Hackethal, K. Laudenbach and A. Weber) (Link)
  • Monetary Policy and Private Investor Trading (with K. Boevers)
  • Inference in Difference-in-Differences Studies with Observational Data Using Non-Parametric Tests (with S. Bunnenberg)
  • Fee-based Financial Advice (with B. Loos und A. Hackethal)
  • Does Feedback on Personal Investment Success Help? (with L. Urban and S. Ahlswede)